Shared hosting groups hundreds, or even in some cases, thousands, of websites together on the same server. This is a great place to begin your own personal or small business website. Each website on the server is given its own small partition within the server and operates solely from that authorized partition. While there can be many sites on the same server, they are still individual sites because of this separation.

There are many benefits of having a shared hosting server. For one, they are cheap and economical. Rather than having to front the cost of an entire server all at once on your own, you are joining a large group of other website owners and the costs are jointly tackled by all of the owners together. This goes for the server’s features as well. Because there are so many different individuals connected to the server’s sites, there will be a necessary overlapping of features available for your usage. If the server has made the function that you are looking for available for one site, it will be available for the other sites on the server as well.

There is a single entity in charge of the server. Called the administrator, this individual site controls all of the others, granting them the different functions included within the server, on an as needed basis. This is not a major hindrance for most people. Only those interested in executing software exercises outside of the administrators many available functions will be at a disadvantage here. Again, because so many different people and types of sites populate the server, this includes the vast majority of things that site owners will require. Because the tasks are all overseen by an administrator, there is little web development that is left to site owners. Of course, these owners are still responsible for the design and content of their sites, but the opportunity to cover these two important tasks is laid out by the host. In other words, all of the major programming footwork is accomplished by the administrator of the server, while site customization and layout is left up to the websites’ owners.

If your site begins running too slowly, or goes over the CPU limit for the server you are on, you will know that it is time to upgrade to a different type of server. A virtual private server or a dedicated server will be your other main options.