Grab a Gator Reseller AccountBack in 2004, we really started to get into websites and finding a good host was critical. Our team was a group of network engineers, so we knew our way around servers and operating systems. At first, we were thinking about building a web hosting business, hence the reason for the reseller account we purchased. What’s truly amazing, is that after 10 years of having this account, it is still active with a lot of domains alive and kicking. The price we got back then is the same as it is today. At $24.95 a month it gave us everything we needed to push forward.

What Kind of Costs?

Although the servers are robust, Hostgator is one of the most expensive hosting packages that we are using today. You figure by now, for $24.95, you would get unlimited everything, but that is not the case. Even at the highest reseller package of $79.95, you are still limited. Of course, if you are trying to grow your business, you can start small and upgrade as you grow. We never had any intentions of getting any bigger and that is why we are still on this plan today.

Why Get a Reseller Account?

The main reason people go the reseller account is to either start their own web hosting company or to have individual control over each cpanel. From a management perspective, there is no strong reason to have the reseller. If you have clients who need separate cpanels, then boom, this is what you need. If you are controlling the whole thing, it may not be required. Understanding your objectives will determine whether you should open this type of account. If you have the funds, having access to the WHM and all the bells and whistles is nice.

Service and UpTime

For 10 years the service on this server has been great. There has definitely been some downtime over the course of the years, but nothing substantial like you will find with some of the smaller hosts. Knowing your content will be online and safe is a great thing. You can ask around and most people will agree.

Customer Service Situations

On the occasion we had some trouble, we were able to speak with customer service repetitively quick. Sometimes you can see wait times of 30 minutes, but most likely it won’t be that long. If there is a major outage, you’ll know right away when you can’t get through. This isn’t to say you won’t have downtime, but if you do, service is there. As Hostgator became one of the biggest hosting providers their customer service was trying to catch up. At this point, they are finally in a place where they can provide a lot of uptime and good response times. This can be through email, phone, or live chat.

Opening Secondary Accounts

The nice thing about Host Gator is that you can open multiple accounts under one name. This helps from a management perspective. We recently purchased a baby plan and paid the year up front, which saved us a bunch of money. We also applied a coupon code which also helped us. This account allows us some seperation from the reseller account, which enables us with even more access. However, when there is a problem we go into the same location as if we were connecting to our main account. It’s really that easy.
Gator has Nice Reseller Accounts

Would You Reccommend Hostgator?

This is without a doubt, yes. Here is another Hostgator review that may seem like all the others. Although we can’t guarantee you won’t have any problems, we do know there is a team behind the scenes ready to help you out. This alone is worth a lot of money. Yes, you may pay a bit more, but you’ll be happy you did when something goes wrong. Also, we aren’t talking about a huge difference in cost. Now, if you go with a dedicated server you may have to revisit the market. We did have one of those back in the day. We’ll get into that another time.