Green Web HostingUnderstandably, as human beings we are faced with the reality of an environment that may not last long if we don’t take care of it. It’s been talked about for years about how global warming could destroy the earth and is destroying the earth faster than we think. So the question is, how we can help the environment or how can companies help the environment?

Web hosts utilize a lot of energy. If you’ve ever walked into a colocation hosting facility or any computer room for that matter, you can just hear and see the power being drained. What some hosting companies are doing are using eco-friendly alternative methods of hosting. Data centers require tons of resources from the power grid. Recently companies have been given tax credits or energy credits for that matter when they use green energy for their datacenters.

Some examples of using this green energy include wind, sun and water. These sources eliminates the use of coal, oil or anything else that can damage the environment. Solar panels and windmills can offer a high energy source to the data centers that are plugged into the grid. Obviously, you would need a ton of solar panels or windmills to power a whole data center, but if you can reduce some of the footprint you’ll not only increase the lifespan of your hardware but also reduce the emissions on the environment.

Servers with the green label are considered computers that are designed to use less power to motor itself. Servers need to be on 24 x 7 and there is really no downtime for this type of equipment. Green hosting companies will provide the same service as any other hosting company you know. The only difference is on the companies end and how they affect the footprint in the environment. You can do your part by selecting a host that utilizes Green energy resources for their power. In this case you will be helping the environment by selecting a company that’s already helping the environment as well.

Web hosts will continue to offer shared hosting and dedicated hosting environments for reasonable prices as well as to continue to reduce emissions from data centers across the globe.