FatCow (FatCow.com) offers “udderly fantastic web hosting” services to their clients. As one of the web’s leading hosting hubs, FatCow can make claims like this. Their site and facilities are one hundred percent wind energy powered so you never have to worry about your web usage harming the environment. With prices starting as low as $4.67 per month, or $56 per year, you can get a great host for a great price.

FatCow Review and Coupon Codes
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FatCow for Beginners
FatCow is designed with beginners in mind. If you have never constructed your own website, this will most likely be one of your best choices. This host offers some of the best tools for beginners that are out there. They have a free web building tool, a free analytics tool, and various Google website tools. They also have several marketing tools and bonuses available. You can receive a $75 Google AdWords credit, a $25 Yahoo! credit, and a free listing in YellowPages.com. If you are new to building or promoting a site, this host is for you.

FatCow for Transfers
There are free domain name transfers on FatCow as well as free domain site transfers. If you are currently a site owner, but you are looking for a lower price or a host with better tools to use, this hosting site will be by far the best site for you. Thanks to their great customer service, not only is transferring free, if you have any problems, their staff can walk you through the process step by step.

FatCow for Your Business
FatCow does not offer VPS or dedicated server hosting, but they do allow you to have an unlimited amount of bandwidth and data transfers on your site. So while they technically are on a shared server, you can still experience the benefits that come along with a VPS or dedicated server host. If your company is rapidly growing, this is a good place to start your web presence because of the unlimited size to your partition of the shared server. So if you want to begin a business, but are hoping to avoid the large price tag that comes along with a dedicated server, this will be your most economical choice.

FatCow ReviewFatCow is a great site for burgeoning businesses and personal sites. While they do have unlimited hosting space, if you are looking for a host for a large all ready established business, this site is not for you.