A dedicated server host allows you to lease an entire server and use it for your business’s usage. In other words, the server is entirely dedicated to your services, and unlike with a shared server, this dedicated server is devoted entirely to your business, thus giving you complete flexibility in whatever type of websites and functions you want created for your business. Whether you want to take over as administrator or allow the host to do so is entirely up to you in most cases. If you name the host as administrator there is an add-on fee to the entire package. One common way of addressing this issue is to have an easy to use web panel where you can make updates and adjustments to your site manually.

The choice of operating system is entirely up to the lessee. Usually, Unix or Linux-based operating systems are provided for free, but Microsoft Windows is generally regarded as the most popular OS. Again, because you are the sole user of the server, the bulk of the work is left to the hosting service’s client: you. You can get extended customer service through add-ons in your pricing package.

The bandwidth that you will be using plays a large part in the pricing of the hosting fees. Bandwidth measures the transfer of information from your site to the user and is measured in bytes. The more popular your site is then, the more it will cost, in general since more people will be downloading information from your sites. There are variations in pricing from host to host, so make sure you know what price you will be paying prior to committing for the sake of comparison.

Dedicated server hosting is best if you are going to be running multiple websites. The same hardware can be used for each site; this will help defray the cost of leasing your own server. Additionally, you will be able to monitor and supervise all of your sites from one single account, thus letting you focus your energies less on site management and more on the business end of things. Another benefit includes a larger degree of security from hackers, viruses, and other internet dangers.

If you run a large scale operation and want easy access to your sites, a dedicated server will afford you the highest level of usage. The main drawback to this is that it has an expensive monthly or yearly cost associated with it.