CoLocation HostingGiving your dedicated server security and a perfect environment may require the use of a colocation web hosting facility. What colocation allows you to do, is use a high-end facility where you can host your own server and treat like it’s your own. They lease the space out to you on a hardware rack and give you 24 x 7 access when needed.

Top five reasons why Colocation is Great

1. 24 x 7 up time capability

2. Perfect environment for a server warehouse

3. Dedicated high-speed Internet directly connected to your server

4. Huge backup generators allowing for minimal downtime in a power outage scenario

5. State-of-the-art facilities that will expand as you grow with security cameras and temperature control.

Having a colocation hosting server will also allow your company to have a secondary line of support when things are not working for you. Due to the distance of a co-location facility you may need immediate response time and these options are available depending on which co-location server hosting environment you choose.

The difference between using just a regular hosting company and colocation hosting company is that the hardware you place on site is actually yours. So the true meaning of a dedicated server in this case is you own the hardware. This gives you complete control of the server in which you can do whatever you want with it, assuming you don’t interfere with the hosting facility.

Obviously, there are several options when it comes to picking a Colocation host. Cost will be one the major items to think about, but be sure you pick the company that allows you 24 x 7 access, fully secure facility and dedicated Internet. Sometimes is not worth the cheaper price in this situation for less support or less potential issues in the future.

In certain circumstances where you need a dedicated server a co-location host may be a better set up with a web host with a dedicated server. Sometimes you can select a dedicated server at a web host that may be hundreds of miles away. If for some reason there is a problem you will not be able to access the server unless you speak to the customer support at that Host. Using a co-location host will not only allow you full access to the server, but will allow you access at any time in its physical location.

Depending on your budget and what you actually need with this dedicated server it may or may not be right for you to use a co-location host. However, if your website or application requires a ton of power and has as huge amount of traffic this co-location system might be what you’re looking for. Not only can you put in whatever hardware you want and set it up how you want it. A dedicated server on a regular host will be set up completely by the server admins at that Host. Sometimes you’ll run into issues with their set up, which will require more time and more effort. Just keep in mind that you have plenty of options when it comes to hosting and this is just one more option to think about when moving a dedicated server off site to a secure location.