What is Cloud Computing?
Using a utility pricing model, cloud computing offers flexible access to applications, Web services or any kinds of IT infrastructure. With such high demands and technology needs these days, cloud computing allows any business to match their competition. This is a huge cost savings by having in-house IT services on the Internet. Without the budget of buying servers and computers, small companies are able to scale as big they want in the future.

What can you expect from cloud computing?
Understanding what your business needs with clear goals is critical when figuring out your cloud computing situation. With the expandability of cloud computing you don’t need to force what you want to do in this space. Some things you need to consider when using a cloud computing solution is what information will be placed where prying eyes might be able to see. Make sure everyone is on board before purchasing or moving forward with cloud computing setup.

Cloud Computing Solutions

Best Cloud Computing SolutionAfter you have set your goals and planned what you want to do with your cloud computing solution, the next step is to figure out what to move first. It helps to have a team of technology professionals help determine what is the best method to move forward. This will allow the team to figure out all the planning, time, and budget that is needed to be spent up front. Implementation of the cloud computing solution won’t take too long after all the plans are made. We like to say that anything implemented in IT is 90% planning and 10% Implementing. Just make sure you have everything in order before moving forward.

Which Cloud Company to Work With?

It seems like everyone is getting into the cloud computing space these days, so figure out which company works best for your budget and your situation. When it comes to cloud computing it’s not always about the amount of money you will spend, you really need to consider customer support and technology infrastructure first. Since this soon will be your lifeline of your business you need to make sure everything is operational 24 x 7. Find out if you need to sign a long-term contract or you can set up a monthly or yearly deal. Something you might want to consider when talking to a sales rep about cloud computing is whether you can get a discount on your purchase based on size or anything else that might reduce the cost to run. A lot of times you want to try the product before you buy it, so you can ask if a demo account is available for a short period of time. This will rule out all the bad companies or companies that are going to meet your needs.

Putting the cloud in Action

Starting the implementation process can be scary at first, but as long as you start slowly migrating products and services the better you will be. Usually the first service to get migrated to a cloud scenario would be an e-mail service. Having this online for some time will help determine whether this scenario is best for you and your other services. The more you can put into the cloud the more you will save in the long run assuming everything is working at the speed you expect.


Over the years, in IT infrastructure we’ve seen the consolidation of application and hardware. Now that we have access to cloud computing, fast bandwidth, and almost unlimited data space, companies are able to decrease their IT budgets and increase the budgets where they need help in making sales and other necessary requirements. There are plenty of resources online about cloud computing and the pros and cons. You just need to do the research and figure out if this is something for you and your company.