Web sites need hosting if they are to take shape. With so many types of hosts out there, how do you know which one is right for your site? The answer to this depends upon a few things. For one, what type of site are you planning on running? Is it for a small business or personal use, or something else? Knowing your site’s goals is extremely important when selecting the right type of hosting.

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Shared Web Hosting

This is the most basic type of hosting service. A single server operates many different sites, each site having its own little partition of the server. There can literally be hundreds of sites sharing the same server. This type of hosting offers many benefits because of the many shared resources. Shared hosting tends to be the cheapest option because it is so easy for servers to handle. For beginning website owners, this is the easiest and most economical option to go with.

We don’t know why but this guy did some lite reviews of a lot of different web hosts. Some are mentioned here but not all. It may help you with your shared hosting purchasing decision. We are always trying to help you get the best deal and service.

Dedicated Server Hosting

A dedicated server hosting is exactly what it sounds like; you will have a whole server dedicated to just your site or sites. This is the most powerful way to run a site, but it is also the most expensive. Having your own server has many benefits, however. You can handle many more functions on your site and it is all covered with the same cost. For large businesses and web enterprises, this is by far the best option available.

VPS Web Hosting

For those of us stuck in the middle, a virtual private server (VPS Hosting) is a good option. This type of host combines many of the elements of both shared web hosting and dedicated server hosting. This is a great option for most businesses because it grants more independence with what your hosting capabilities entail. If you run an online business composed of many sites, this option is a good one because you can access everything in one simple place. While you will still be sharing a server with other clients, you do not have just a single partition for your own use. Partitions are split accumulatively, meaning you will have more of the server space as your site or sites grow. If you need the use of an additional partition, this is easily accomplished, then.

Make sure you do your research and go with the option that best suits your needs for your site. Having features missing is equally as frustrating as paying for options you do not need. Finding the right balance is key to your site’s overall success.

There are plenty of hosts consolidating now to make super hosts. You have to be on the lookout of what to expect into the future.